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Dr. Andrés Dávila is a faculty member at ESCE International Business School in Paris, where he heads the Master's program in International People Management, he is also research Director at (on-line assessment platform).

Before joining academia, Dr. Dávila worked and lived in the United States, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Ecuador. Andrés Dávila has a broad range of managerial experience in Asia, America, and Europe and enjoys sharing his experience with students and with international managers.

Since 2008 he has worked in different business schools in France as pedagogical director (ISEG) and more recently as research professor at the ESCE International Business School. His research areas are IHRM (International Human Resources Management) and General Management. He is the author of academic articles and a book in the fields of international management and skills assessment. He is also a freelance consultant for international sourcing projects and people assessment missions. 

La petite entreprise internationale doit surmonter des difficultés : allocation des ressources, encadrement d'équipes éloignées et multiculturelles. Cet ouvrage, qui étudie plus particulièrement les différences culturelles Europe-Asie, propose des solutions, notamment la construction d'un langage commun de management et le développement de compétences interculturelles pour une gestion plus performante.

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Le langage commun : compétence clef dans les entreprises internationales. To be published in Revue Gestion des Ressources Humaines. [HCERES A]

Self-reported subjective processing fluency predicts attitudes towards visual advertisements and purchase intentions. Journal of Consumer Marketing. [HCERES C]

Une typologie archétypale pour l’analyse discursive. M@gm@ Revue Internationale en Sciences Humaines et Sociales.

Managerial creative problem solving and big five personality traits: distinguishing divergent and convergent abilities. Journal of Management Development.

Legitimacy Profiles of Women Directors on Top French Company Boards. Journal of Management Development.

Published 2014

La diversité culturelle dans les délocalisations: apports nuancés de deux littératures. Revue Management International.